Section 1: Responses to questions and concerns voiced by Democrats, unaffiliated voters, and progressives pexels-photo-221164.jpegabout our work.

  • Isn’t the Progressive chapter a divisive tool splitting the Democratic Party?  We are focused on unifying Democrats around the progressive values cited in the 2016 national Democratic platform.
  • Why join the state Progressive Caucus?  To ensure the party focuses on the progressive issues stated in the 2016 national Democratic Platform.
  • Why do we need a Progressive Caucus?  The Progressive Caucus provides a bridge for unaffiliated voters to enter the Democratic Party, or at least support viable Democratic candidates.  It also offers a forum for building community among Democrats with progressive ideals.
  • This Progressive Caucus is a bunch of angry people, unhappy with Bernie Sanders losing the primary.  Now they are trying to take over the party.  Our backgrounds are varied, but we are committed to unifying the Democratic Party around the progressive issues that are in the 2016 national Democratic Party platform. We want to make the party stronger.  
  • Why are Progressives Democrats? Didn’t you see how the DNC treated Bernie?Progressives want to unite and strengthen the Democratic Party whose national platform champions human rights, promotes the general welfare, and attempts to secure the blessings of liberty for all citizens.
  • Are you Socialists?  This is a misunderstood word. We already have many socialist programs that have proven to be effective, such as Social Security, the VA medical system, public education, safety standards for food, transportation, building codes, etc.
  • My vote doesn’t matter, so why should I bother? My representative never does what I want anyway.  The more we elect Democrats who support progressive policies, the more we can influence the government at all levels.
  • What is the difference between a Democrat and a Progressive Democrat?  We all stand behind the national Democratic platform, which is very progressive. Progressive Democrats simply put most of their time and energy into actualizing progressive issues like universal healthcare and campaign finance reform.
  • I’ve lost my interest in the Democratic Party. It seems no different from the Republican Party. The best way to distinguish the two parties is to examine their national platforms. There are stark differences.
  • Both parties have become corrupt.  Progressives are working for campaign finance reform, which would eliminate the influence of for-profit special interests and support people over profits.
  • Progressives need to start a party of their own because the Democrats aren’t progressive.  History has repeatedly shown that third parties don’t win the Presidency and only serve to split the vote allowing Republicans to win!
  • Why should I be active in the Democratic Party? I want to focus on issues only.  Electing good officials helps us determine how issues are resolved.
  • The whole system has failed us. We need to dump both parties and start from scratch.  Democracy as a system is a two-way street. Without citizen engagement and participation, the system will be corrupted by special interests and ultimately fail. The system works when its people are informed.
  • I’m a Democrat and capitalist and it seems like progressives embrace socialism.  Blended economic systems work well in many developed nations. Democrats support combining the best of both capitalism and socialism.

Section 2.  Progressive views on some of the pressing issues of our time:

  • If we have universal healthcare, we will end up paying higher taxes like those nations that offer it. We don’t want higher taxes!
  • Ninety-five percent of American households and most businesses would pay less if we had healthcare through a universal healthcare plan.
  • Our taxes are now paying for ER visits of those not covered. It would be less expensive for everyone with universal healthcare.
  • We want to replace our current expensive medical system with a publicly-funded universal healthcare system covering all Americans while reducing the private insurance industry’s influence on healthcare and eliminating its massive overhead.
  • We believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and our healthcare system should put People over Profits. We oppose all attempts in Congress to privatize or phase out Medicare, Medicaid, or the Veteran’s Administration’s healthcare system.
  • How can you oppose the death penalty, but be for a woman’s right to have an abortion?  There is no connection. A woman should have the right to make decisions that affect her body, her life, and her family.
  • Climate change has been happening for millions of years. How can anyone say for sure that what we’re seeing now is man-made?  Ninety-seven percent of scientists cite evidence of rapid climate change as indisputable and that human activity is, in large measure, responsible. It is irreversible if we do not respond effectively now.
  • Same-sex marriage is just wrong. Marriage is between one man and one woman, so why do Democrats support it?  It is alright to have that belief for yourself. It is not alright to impose your beliefs on others. Love is love.
  • People shouldn’t be on welfare. It just promotes laziness. So why do Democrats support it and other so-called safety nets like Food Stamps)?  If healthcare, shelter, food, and education are provided, people are more likely to be productive working citizens.
  • Where do Progressives stand on the issue of immigration?  A fair and compassionate immigration policy must be devised to provide both temporary residency and a legal path to citizenship.
  • Voting Rights: What’s wrong with having a Voter ID?  Voter IDs create obstacles for those lacking adequate information, money,  transportation and access. Such a requirement is nothing more than another poll tax, designed to depress the turnout of the disabled, elderly, poor, and students.  Automatic universal voter registration at age 18 will increase voter participation, paving the way to a genuine participatory democracy.
  • Why do Democrats want to spend so much money and grow the government?We believe in investing in our country and its people…education, healthcare, infrastructure, workers’ rights, shelter and preparing for future generations.