Welcome to Progressive Democrats of Buncombe County!

Progressive Democrats of Buncombe County represents a growing movement of progressives within and outside of the Democratic Party who understand the importance of promoting the progressive platform of the Democratic National Committee, including, but not limited to, the following issues:

  • Campaign finance reform
  • Clean energy policy
  • Universal health care
  • Racial justice
  • Workers’ rights
  • Voting rights

Our chapter’s vision is “A transparent government that works for the equity and empowerment of all” and our mission is to “Encourage Democratic candidates and elected officials to work for the good of all people, and motivate voters to support those that do”.

As an auxiliary group of the Buncombe County Democratic Party, one of our goals is to attract progressive individuals who have previously chosen to be politically unaffiliated.  It is our firm conviction that uniting the progressive vote under the Democratic Party will insure electoral victories in the coming years.

We encourage you to participate in Progressive Democrats of Buncombe County (PDOB) at any level, including

  1. Ask to be on our email list
  2. Join the Progressive Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party
  3. Make a donation to support our local chapter.
  4. Attend PDOB monthly meetings.
  5. Join a PDOB committee.
  6. Join a PC/NCDP committee.
  7. Speak to us about starting a chapter in North Carolina’s Districts 10 or 11.

Visit the Progressive Caucus web site at  to learn more about the state organization.  Joining the caucus is the first step in becoming a voting member of our chapter, and it automatically places you on our email list.  You can join by clicking on the “Join Us!” button on the website.  After joining the state organization, please complete our New Member Questionnaire.

Our local chapter committees and liaisons are working to increase the possibility of progressives winning political offices in 2018.  Below are the committee names, and if you’d like to consider joining one of them, please contact Kris Kramer at

  • Public Outreach Committee (create unified message, media, promotional material, online presence)
  • Candidate Connections Committee (connect with candidates)
  • Fundraising Committee (raise money for chapter activities and progressive candidates)
  • Networking Liaison (connect PDOB with a fellow progressive organization)